How to become an eco-responsible company?

The 10 commandments of a green company.

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    Packaging for whom?

    Whether you are a manufacturer, cardboard maker or food industry professional, the SuniBarrier range meets the daily problems you are likely to encounter.

    Thus, it is perfectly adapted to the needs of :

    • Ingredient manufacturers (tea, sweets, etc.),
    • Biscuit manufacturers,
    • Supermarket chains in the delicatessen, butchery and fish departments,
    • Packaging manufacturers (trays, flexible packaging, etc.),
    • Printers, packaging designers,
    • Cardboard manufacturers.
    Emballage kraft
    Forêt Tropicale

    SuniBarrier committed to preserving nature

    Finding a paper that can replace plastic is not a new idea since it is ultimately going back to the very origin of paper, which has always been used to wrap food and organic materials. Guyenne Papier wants to replace plastic with a natural and recyclable product, in line with today’s major ecological challenges.

    These papers for packaging thus have barrier properties, without plastic film, and which can be recycled once they are no longer used.

    4 years of research to achieve this innovation 

    Sachet de céréales

    Guyenne Papier’s R&D department has always developed and formulated innovative solutions in the packaging sector.
    Based in the Dordogne, he has now developed a whole range of papers that are not only barrier to water, grease, vapor but also heat-sealable and more than 95% recyclable, even going beyond the requirements the highest in the EU for recyclability rates.

    And to anticipate tomorrow’s health changes, and unlike competing products, Guyenne Papier’s products are without fluorinated resin, without chlorinated derivatives (PVdC), without PVA and without plastic film (without PE – Polyethylene or other PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate).

    SuniBarrier is the result of several years of research, industrial trials and partnerships. It is in fact a very precise coating process which makes it possible to improve the properties of traditional paper, to make it a paper for resistant packaging, which has the advantage of retaining the single-material dimension of the paper. Thus, SuniBarrier papers contain no PE, no PVC, no PET or PP (polypropylene). They can be reprocessed without polluting, in paper recycling channels.



    The revolution of good resolutions

    The AGEC law aims to significantly reduce the use of packaging containing plastic by 2025, and completely eliminate it by 2040.

    « Art. L. 541-10-17.-France has set itself the goal of reaching the end of the marketing of single-use plastic packaging by 2040.”

    LThe SuniBarrier range thus responds to the problem of companies concerned about their energy production, but also in the long term, in general, to give the industry and agri-food sector the real possibility of complying with the anti-waste environmental law. Moreover, for a company’s brand image, the use of eco-responsible packaging is a real asset and a CSR argument to be valued.
    The regulations are thus in line with the paths traced by Guyenne Papier several years ago, through our environmental policy which aims for 100% paper.

    Emballages papier et cartons kraft

    The AGEC law



    The Law : by 2026 at the latest, plastic packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables weighing less than 1.5 kg is prohibited.

    Guyenne Papier offers cardboard wrapping paper to wrap pastries, pasta, flour, sugar, salt, chocolate, fruit, vegetables, etc.



    The Law: Addressed and unaddressed magazines and advertisements must be sent without plastic packaging.
    Guyenne Papier offers high-strength, heat-sealable and lightweight papers for packaging magazines.



    The Law: labels affixed directly that indicate a brand, a producer or a label are prohibited.
    Guyenne Papier offers papers for offset, flexographic and digital printing, which are fully recyclable.

    Sachet de thé


    The Law: tea and herbal tea bags, with plastic, non-biodegradable are prohibited.

    Guyenne Papier offers papers for the over-wrapping of 100% bio-sourced and heat-sealable tea bags.