Universal and uncomplicated.

The universal, water and fat barrier and heat sealable




UniversalBee is an excellent water, grease and vapour barrier product. The surface treatment applied is water-based, does not release nanoparticles and allows the product to be repulpable and over 90% recyclable. Suitable for industrial composting. We use 0% plastic film and less than 7% chemical polymers. Ideal for food contact (Bfr XXXVI, FDA176.170, FDA176.180). Several grammages available: 60g/m2, 110g/m2, 265g/m2.

Guyenne papier papier alimentaire
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This is THE versatile paper. It is the solution to a large number of applications in the Food and Non-Food sector: Doypack bags, Flowpack, barrier paper overwraps, trays for fish and meat shops. It has a wide range of applications and is particularly suitable for use as a lidding material in the cosmetics, paramedical and medical industries.

UniversalBee combines the characteristics of the previous products (GreenBee and LadyBee). It is repulpable and over 90% recyclable. It is an excellent barrier to grease, water, water vapour and mineral oils and is also heat-sealable. It is an excellent universal compromise, for packaging different types of products (cakes, crisps, salad, fresh vegetables, etc.).


  • Excellent water and grease barrier
  • Barrière à la vapeur d’eau
  • Heatsealable
  • Compatible with wet elements
  • Food contact
  • Coating without plastic film and without fluorinated resin
fast food emballage
Emballages de boucherie


Packaging for dry, fatty and moist products: biscuits, sweets, moist and/or fatty foods, charcuterie, butchery, fish, meat, food trays, cups, etc.