Compostable with 0% plastic.

100% biosourced  and compostable packaging, fat barrier and thermoscellable


Greenbee is a barrier product with fat and thermoscellable. Our coverings are intended to waterproof a surface, in order to avoid or limit the crossing of unwanted elements.

Sachets de the Sunibarrier
Sachet de thé

This 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging paper is a great asset for companies that want to use a grease barrier and heat sealable packaging, but are also concerned about their ecological impact. GreenBee is a 100% biosourced paper. The barrier properties are directly inspired by nature and without any associated physico-chemical treatment.

GreenBee is water soluble, its cellulose fibres decompose in nature, without any polluting residue.
It is a revolutionary paper that is 100% plastic-free !


  • 100 % biosourced
  • biodegradable, and suitable for industrial and domestic composting.
  • Barrier to fats and mineral oils (MOSH/MOAH)
  • Heat-sealable 
  • Suitable for food and non-food applications
  • Several finishes available (brown, white, matt, silk, gloss, metallic…)
  • Complies with food contact regulations (EC) No 1935/2004, (EC) No 2023/2006 and (EU) No 10/2011)
  • Coating without plastic film and without fluorinated resin.
Emballage de thé
Emballages pour savons


GreenBee is recommended for food products such as tea packaging, flowpack for dry biscuits, and fatty foods.

GreenBee is also of interest to the non-food industry, particularly cosmetics, in lidding applications.