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  • Committed to a sustainable future
  • Acting for the planet and its inhabitants
  • Innovative partnerships: moving forward together
  • Guyenne Papier, seen on the cover!
Merci Guyenne Papier Sunibarrier

Committed to a sustainable future


Founded in 1689, Guyenne Papier has stood the test of time, from world wars to industrial revolutions, by focusing on innovation and sustainability. Over ten years ago, we set out to create a range of papers and boards that would revolutionize our approach to packaging.

Our goal? To replace the plastic used in single-use packaging with more environmentally-friendly materials. Today, thanks to our ongoing efforts and close collaboration with our partners, this vision has become an industrial reality. We have succeeded in introducing production practices that respect the environment while remaining economically viable.

Acting for the planet and its inhabitants


At Guyenne Papier, protecting the environment also means protecting its inhabitants. That’s why our commitment doesn’t stop at manufacturing ecological solutions. We actively support CEDTM, an association dedicated to the protection of sea turtles in the Indian Ocean. By choosing our Sunibarrier range, our customers contribute directly to these conservation efforts, illustrating our commitment to offering solutions that benefit the planet and its biodiversity.



Innovative partnerships: moving forward together


Our partnership with IMA ILAPAK is exemplary of our innovation strategy. This collaboration has been crucial in developing production techniques to create packaging that not only respects the environment, but is also functional and competitive in the marketplace. These packages are greaseproof, waterproof and designed to meet the specific needs of our customers while minimizing their ecological impact.



By the way…


Seen on the cover of Emballage Digest!
Our #MerciGuyenne campaign is more than just an advertising slogan. It embodies a call to action for all those who wish to contribute to a more sustainable future. By joining our movement, you become part of a vast initiative to transform industrial practices to make them more respectful of our planet. Join us in making a difference, by choosing solutions that preserve our environment for future generations.

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