Guyenne Papier makes spring shine !

Guyenne Papier has just won another Innovation Trophy at the recent Printemps Economiques et Dynamiques, marking a decisive turning point in the packaging industry. The award recognizes the company’s ongoing commitment to the research and development of environmentally-friendly solutions, exemplified by its innovative Sunibarrier paper and board range, designed as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

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Innovation rewarded

The Innovation Trophy is not just a symbol of recognition; it reflects an industrial reality where sustainability is becoming a central requirement. Guyenne Papier‘s Sunibarrier products are at the heart of this transformation. Designed to effectively replace plastic, these packages are guaranteed plastic-free and free of controversial materials with different barrier properties, making them particularly well-suited to today’s ecological requirements. This innovation is part of the company’s wider drive to reduce its environmental footprint while offering its customers high-performanceenvironmentally-friendly products.


Collaboration and support: the keys to success

The trophy, an original creation by cabinetmaker Sylvain Peny, symbolizes the art of innovation and the mastery of sustainable transformation. It also highlights the invaluable support of patron Grégory Saerens and the Vigier Group, who play a crucial role in supporting and recognizing Guyenne Papier‘s efforts.


Towards a sustainable future: #MerciGuyenne

Guyenne Papier doesn’t just produce packaging; it creates a vision for the future where every gesture and every product counts towards a more sustainable world. The gratitude expressed towards Guyenne Papier‘s team, partners and customers is not just a form of politeness, but a sincere acknowledgement of their essential role in this shared success.

Together, Guyenne Papier and its employees continue to push the boundaries of packaging innovation, actively contributing to building a future where respect for the environment is at the heart of industrial concerns. This trophy is not just a symbol of success; it is a call to continue along this promising path for years to come.

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