Discover SuniBarrier: An ecological revolution against plastic packaging

In a world where plastic pollution is becoming a major environmental crisis, Guyenne Papier presents Sunibarrier, an innovative solution for industries seeking sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic packaging. This introduction will immerse you in the Sunibarrier revolution, which not only offers an environmentally-friendly option but also meets the most stringent food safety standards.

L’article en 30 secondes chrono :

  • The problem of plastic
  • What is Sunibarrier?
  • SuniBarrier benefits
  • Why choose SuniBarrier?
sunibarrier emballages écologiques

The problem of plastic


Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans, causing irreversible damage to wildlife and ecosystems. Plastic packaging, although useful, is often poorly recycled and contributes significantly to this pollution.

If we do nothing, by 2025, the ocean will contain 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish. By 2050, the ocean could contain more plastic than fish (by weight).

Faced with these alarming facts, it’s crucial to find sustainable alternatives that minimize our ecological footprint.


What is Sunibarrier?


Sunibarrier is a range of papers and cardboards designed to replace single-use plastic packaging. The unique coating process developed by Guyenne Papier transforms traditional paper into a product that is resistant to water, grease and humidity, while remaining heat-sealable. It’s also THE solution that’s 100% natural, biosourced and/or over 92% recyclable.



Sunibarrier benefits


  • Environmentally-friendly: Every Sunibarrier product is biosourced and biodegradable, reducing waste and pollution.


  • Adaptability: Perfect for a wide range of applications, from industry to agri-food, Sunibarrier offers protection comparable to plastic without the environmental drawbacks.


  • Compliant with food standards: Sunibarrier ensures total safety in direct contact with food, promoting a safer, cleaner supply chain.


  • Concrete solution: Innovative partnerships have enabled the industrial production of greaseproof, waterproof and eco-responsible packaging using our Sunibarrier paper and cardboard.



Why choose Sunibarrier?


Choosing Sunibarrier means choosing a future where packaging no longer harms the environment. By integrating Sunibarrier into your production process, you are taking part in a global initiative to reduce plastic dependency and promote a sustainable future.
The transition to greener packaging is not only an environmental necessity, but also a growing consumer expectation. Sunibarrier offers this transition without compromising on quality or functionality.

#MerciGuyenne! Join the movement. Contact us today to find out how Sunibarrier can transform your packaging and help your company become a leader in sustainability.

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