AGEC Act: How Sunibarrier facilitates the ecological transition of companies

With the adoption of France’s anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC), companies in all sectors are being called upon to review their practices, particularly in terms of packaging. This legislation aims to significantly reduce waste and promote a more sustainable economic model. Guyenne Papier, with its revolutionary Sunibarrier range, is at the forefront of helping companies comply with these new standards.

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  • What is the AGEC Act?
  • In concrete terms : Why is Sunibarrier a credible alternative today?
    • Creation of the polluter-pays system
    • Obligation to create five-year eco-design plans
    • Eco-contribution and Bonus-malus system
    • Meeting public procurement criteria
sunibarrier pratiques écoresponsables

What is the AGEC Act?


The AGEC law, enacted to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, includes specific measures to phase out single-use plastic packaging by 2040. It imposes targets for reducing, reusing, recycling and limiting waste, with penalties for non-compliance. For companies, this means an obligation to rethink their packaging materials and favor more environmentally-friendly solutions.


In concrete terms : Why Sunibarrier is a viable alternative today


In the shorter term, the law calls for a 20% reduction in single-use plastic packaging by 2025. But that’s not all, and here’s why Sunibarrier is the effective solution right now:

Creation of the polluter-pays system (January 1, 2025):
The AGEC law introduces a new system for packaging manufacturers, raising the bar on environmental responsibility.

  • Sunibarrier: Offers highly recyclable and up to 100% natural and biodegradable products such as Greenbee. These characteristics enable these solutions to be either totally exempt or partially subject to the new regulations, representing significant savings for companies in terms of compliance and associated costs.


Obligation to create five-year eco-design plans:
Companies must now integrate more recycled materials and make their products more recyclable.

  • Sunibarrier: Already offers products made from recycled and recyclable materials, simplifying compliance with eco-design plans and saving companies time and money.


Eco-contribution and Bonus-malus system:
This AGEC law scheme rewards or penalizes products according to their environmental impact, directly affecting consumer perception and choice.

  • Sunibarrier: Thanks to its eco-responsible practices and the ecological quality of its products, companies using Sunibarrier benefit from a better brand image and a competitive edge, facilitating a sustainable and profitable partnership.


Meeting public procurement criteria:
With 160 billion euros spent annually by public bodies, meeting ecological requirements is crucial.

  • Sunibarrier: By offering an environmentally-friendly, Made in France product, Sunibarrier enables companies to position themselves advantageously in public tenders, enhancing their environmental commitment while effectively meeting legal and ethical requirements.


These elements make Sunibarrier a credible and strategic alternative for companies wishing to align themselves with the objectives of the AGEC law, while promoting their ecological approach to their customers and partners.

Contact Guyenne Papier today to discuss how Sunibarrier can help you meet the requirements of the AGEC law and position your company at the forefront of sustainability.

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