#1 Sunibarrier in action!

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  • Test n°1: an effective barrier against water and humidity
  • Focus on Ladybee and Universalbee
  • Join the movement for a more sustainable industry
Sunibarrier barrière eau humidité

Test n°1: an effective barrier against water and humidity


Curious about the effectiveness of our eco-friendly packaging solutions? We’ve tested our products in our laboratory to show you that they deliver on their promises. In a recent, unrigged test, our Sunibarrier papers and boards demonstrated exceptional resistance to water and humidity. Watch the attached video to see how these innovative materials effectively repel water and protect their contents.

Focus on Ladybee and Universalbee


At the heart of our Sunibarrier range are our Ladybee and Universalbee products. Both types of paper are specifically designed to meet the industry’s most demanding requirements in terms of durability and environmental protection. Using a state-of-the-art, entirely plastic-free coating process, these products offer a natural barrier against water and moisture.

Ladybee is designed to be steam-resistant and heat-sealable, ideal for packaging dry products such as seeds, herbs, salt, sugar, pasta and rice. On the other hand, Universalbee is our versatile, water– and oil-barrier solution. It is suitable for a variety of applications, from dry, greasy and moist food packaging to industrial products. Both papers are 100% natural, biosourced and recyclable, and perfectly in tune with our total respect for the environment.


Join the movement for a more sustainable industry


When you choose Guyenne Papier’s Sunibarrier products, not only are you choosing a solution that protects your products, but you’re also helping to protect the environment. Our packaging is a demonstration of our commitment to sustainable and responsible production. Join us in this movement, choosing solutions that preserve our planet while meeting your industrial and commercial needs.

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Sunibarrier barrière eau humidité

#1 Sunibarrier in ac...

Test n°1: an effective barrier against water and humidity!